Alexandrina Council advocates

for statewide Corella Strategy

Council and the community have been dealing with the impacts of over-abundant Little Corellas throughout the Alexandrina district for well over a decade.  Little Corella management is a complex issue with no easy fix and over the years, Council has tried a variety of management strategies to address impacts on Council infrastructure, our environment and the local community.  

Council’s current approach to dealing with Little Corellas was endorsed by Elected Members in June 2017 and includes a range of scaring activities at specific problem sites in order to protect Council assets and infrastructure and to deter the birds from causing nuisance.  Council also provides assistance to local landowners wanting advice on how to manage Little Corellas on their own land.

In an interview with ABC North and West on Wednesday 27 March, Mayor Keith Parkes made a number of comments about the use of culling as a management option.  Mayor Parkes said today, “The views expressed by me in an interview with ABC North and West with respect to the use of culling as a management option, were my personal views. They do not reflect the management approach or advocacy platform formally endorsed by Alexandrina Council regarding Little Corellas”.  

Contrary to published media reports, Alexandrina Council has not written to the Minister for the Environment, Hon. David Speirs MP, recommending the SA Government fund a program to cull corellas using gas. 

Alexandrina Council is a proactive advocate for the urgent adoption by State Government of a state-wide Little Corella Management Strategy and has engaged actively with the processes of the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA). 

A motion endorsed by Alexandrina Council in February 2019 will be considered at the 2019 Ordinary Meeting of the LGA to be held on 12 April 2019. This motion reiterates the urgency of a state wide strategy and calls on State Government to provide financial assistance to councils for  the implementation of medium and long-term management options designed to reduce the impact of Little Corellas on local communities.    

“Without a long-term coordinated management strategy, the numbers of Little Corellas at problem sites will likely continue to increase”, said Mayor Parkes.   

In 2017, the University of South Australia published a detailed study which recommends habitat and landscape modifications as the best long-term method for deterring Little Corellas. The report did not include culling as a recommended management option.  

More information about Little Corellas, including advice for landowners and details about what Alexandrina Council is doing to manage Little Corellas is available on the Council website: