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To search a particular cemetery within the Alexandrina Council area, click on the down arrow next to 'Cemetery' and make your selection. Burial information for the following Cemeteries is available for searching:

  • Currency Creek Cemetery
  • Hindmarsh Island Cemetery
  • Langhorne Creek Cemetery
  • Milang Cemetery
  • Mount Compass Cemetery
  • Old Goolwa Cemetery
  • Port Elliot Cemetery
  • Strathalbyn Cemetery
  • Woodchester Cemetery

To get the best result from your search please enter the Surname first. To refine your search further, enter a Surname followed by a comma and the initial or Firstname, eg Smith, J.

Selecting "All - Statewide" directs the search through participating Councils' Grave registers across South Australia. You may also visit each Council's website to refine your search to that Council's local cemeteries. Each participating Council manages their own cemetery and grave information. For a list of participating Councils please contact the Local Government Association of SA by email.

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