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Securing a Fresh Water Future - Welcome Page 

Securing a fresh water future logoThe River Murray, Coorong and Lower Lakes form the cultural, economic and social fabric of Alexandrina Council. They are the life blood of our lifestyles and way of life.

Council since it's inception has been focused on water conservation measures and the health of the River Murray.

In 2008 when water levels in the Lower Lakes reached record lows, Alexandrina Council adopted a "Securing A Fresh Water Future" strategy to encapsulate all of it's water saving initiatives and assist with community education and promotion of it's programs.

Council's initiatives have included effluent & stormwater reuse, the Advertisers "Water Watchers" campaign, water sensitive urban design, the ICLEI Program, community education programs and events, water saving initiatives in Council buildings and open space irrigation policies.

Council and the community are striving to utilise water in the best possible and most sustainable manner and act as an ambassador for our magnificent river system to ensure our children inherit a river and lakes environment that is recognised as an Australian icon for generations to come.

Kym McHugh

For the latest information on Council's water saving initiatives & water re-use projects please click on the links below.

Murray Darling Basin Authority Submission(3681 kb)

Water Re-Use Projects

Water Saving Initiatives

Securing A Fresh Water Future - Brochure 2010

Alexandrina Council Water Action Plan 2010 - 2013 Alexandrina%20Council%20Water%20Action%20Plan%202010%20-%202013 (11393 kb)

For other information relating to the River Murray Drought go to the website for the Department of Water, Land & Biodiversity Conservation and SA Water.








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