The interview and selection process

Selection is completed by a panel of usually three people (with gender balance). One person will be an 'independent' (a person from outside the immediate work group). Selection involves the following:


The Selection Panel will assess all applications against the requirements of the position to decide who will be interviewed. Applicants who meet the requirements of the position will be considered.

If you are shortlisted for the job you will be telephoned and requested to attend an interview. You may also be asked to provide some documents (for example, evidence of qualifications, birth certificate). There may also be some pre-employment checks (e.g. checks for child related employment).


The Selection Panel may use a number of methods to assess your ability to do the job, including work samples or tests. You will be advised if there will be a test or exercise as well as the interview.

When answering interview questions remember:

  • think before you answer - take your time
  • if the question is unclear, ask for it to be repeated or explained
  • try to give examples from your experience with each answer
  • give complete answers - do not omit details that you have included in your application or assume the panel will comprehensively remember your application

At the end of the interview, ask any questions you have about the job. You may wish to restate your major strengths, adding anything that has been left out.

Referee checks

Your referees will be contacted if you are one of the preferred applicants for the job. You should advise your referees that you have applied for the position and provide them with an understanding of what the position entails in order that they may respond appropriately to the questions the Selection Panel may ask them.

What happens then?

If you are the successful applicant for the position you will be contacted with a job offer. This offer will then be confirmed in writing. Should you wish to accept the position you may accept the position verbally, however you will also need to respond in writing.

If your application is unsuccessful following an interview, you will be advised by letter.

Pre employment medical

The conduct of a pre employment medical is part of the selection process. If you are required to undertake the medical you will be contacted after the interview has been conducted.