Camping & Mooring on Council Land and Jetties

Have your say on camping on Council land and mooring at Council jetties by 26 July.

Outside of designated caravan parks, Council currently has had no areas of local government land where camping is lawfully permitted. There are also currently no restrictions in relation to mooring at jetties or pontoons attached to Council land. These are areas of frequent concern raised by community to Council and the following proposals seek to find a balance between the reasonable use of local government land by our community and concerns associated with the current inability to regulate or enforce restrictions.

Council is seeking feedback on a proposal to allow camping for a maximum 72 hour period at Frank Potts Reserve in Langhorne Creek. This location has recently had upgrade works done to provide suitable infrastructure and is currently being used in this manner, making it reasonable to provide the legal mechanism to support camping (with conditions) at this location.

It is also proposed to define three key zoned areas of mooring throughout the Council area (Goolwa, Clayton Bay and Milang) and that mooring within each zone be limited to a maximum of 24 hours, with a non-return period of 72 hours. This would ensure that vessels moored within the district could not remain permanently moored without at least a short period outside of the district or utilising alternative mooring facilities. The proposal seeks to find a suitable balance between the reasonable use of public mooring and support for local businesses who provide commercial mooring facilities for vessels staying for longer periods of time.

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Consultation closes at 5pm on Wednesday, 26 July 2017.