Change of Use

A change of use relates to any change or partial change to the use of land and or buildings, e.g. shop to office or grazing to horticulture and can include activities of a retailing, commercial, rural or industrial nature. This may affect you if you are establishing a new business, moving from one premise to another or if a particular use of land has been discontinued for a period of two years or more.

It is recommended that you consult with Council for preliminary advice before establishing any use on a site in order to determine whether your proposal is appropriate within the zone covering the intended site:

  • If premises have been previously approved for a business which is different to the existing use, i.e. an office which you wish to utilise as a shop, or a warehouse to be used as a crash repair operation.
  • If you have different staff and customer parking requirements to the previous business.
  • If you wish to increase the size of the building, or if you wish to alter the number, size or location of signs, which have been previously approved by Council.
  • If you wish to change the existing rural activity.

If a site has previously been used for a different purpose, it may be necessary to lodge a Development Application for a ‘Change in Use'. Provisional building rules consent may also be required as a change in use may constitute a change in building classification i.e., requiring various internal modifications or considerations, for example such as provisions for fire extinguishers.

An information brochure is attached below.

Change of Land Use(353 kb)