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The Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island has been released.

Thank you to everyone who contributed time and expertise to develop this plan.  It is an important step in our region’s response to climate change.  The Adaptation Plan is available here, or a two page snapshot of the plan, describing the regional priorities, is available here.

In endorsing the Plan, read what the regional Mayor’s said here.

Implementation Stage

The project partners have now commenced an implementation stage.  Successfully implementing the Plan will require regional and local action.  Project partners will focus on the identified regional priorities, but also on embedding and tailoring adaptation actions at a local level.  Another key acknowledgement emerging from the planning stage is the need to strengthen engagement and partnerships - between project partners but also with community, industry, business, education and government sectors. The ongoing provision of information about climate impacts and adaptation responses is vital to achieving lasting, effective outcomes.  Equally, careful monitoring and evaluation is required across the affected sectors to quantify the impacts and identify appropriate triggers for the implementation of certain adaptation strategies. We will works on this over the coming months.

Regional priorities that emerged during the development of the plan include: 

  • Support adaptive management of protected areas on public lands
  • Develop climate-ready guidelines for public realm and streetscape management
  • Diversify agricultural activities
  • Advocate and facilitate the use of more energy efficient inputs for housing
  • Incorporate design allowances for increases in extreme events
  • Improve management of native vegetation on private properties
  • Restrict development in hazard prone areas
  • Support water quality improvement measures
  • Water quantity is an overarching priority for the region, and is considered across multiple themes and sectors.

About the project

Resilient Hills and Coasts is a collaborative project formed to develop a regional climate change Adaptation Plan for the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island region of South Australia.  

Resilient Hills & Coasts will explore the potential effects of climate change on our region.  The project will draw on expertise and input from across community, business, government, industry and academia to identify and understand the impacts, risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities associated with climate change.  It will also propose a raft of adaptation actions to strengthen and grow the resilience of our communities, economies and the natural environment in responding to the changing climate.

Project reports, including the Adaptation Plan are available here.

If you would like more information about the project, please get in touch with:

Kathy Hayter

Project Coordinator - Resilient Hills & Coasts (Mon-Wed)
Phone: (08) 8555 7000


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