Chief Executive Selection Panel

At its meeting of 17 October 2016, Council resolved to establish a Section 41 Committee for the Chief Executive Selection Panel and an associated Action Plan supporting legislation under Section 98 of the Local Government Act regarding appointment to a vacancy of Chief Executive.

Membership includes Mayor Keith Parkes as Chair, Independent Member John Comrie (who is also Independent Chair of Council’s Audit Committee), Cr Madeleine Walker and Cr Barry Featherston. The Manager, Governance and Strategy will provide administrative support. The Action Plan requires consistent engagement with Council to make decisions at various steps along the way.

Due to the nature of the process, most items will be considered in confidence, but Council may consider releasing relevant documents in due course.

Chief Executive Selection Panel Terms of Reference

Chief Executive Selection Panel Action Plan

* Please note the Action Plan timeframe is indicative only and dependent on availability of consultant and Panel members.

Items Released From Confidence

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