Alexandrina 2040: Shaping our Future

Over the next 12 months, Council will be reviewing our strategic management plans which guide everything we do. Planning for the future is a big task and we can’t do it alone. To plan effectively we need to know as much as possible about your long-term needs, hopes and priorities. Your ideas are important to us!

The first phase of our Alexandrina 2040 engagement process has come to an end. Big thanks to everyone who shared their ideas for the future with us over the past 6 weeks. We’ve held Listening Posts at 13 community events, held 4 community focus groups, spoken to hundreds of local school students and received ideas from more than 800 people. We’ll report back on “What We Heard” in January 2020.

The information we gather will be used to prepare an updated Community Strategic Plan for 2020-2040 as well as our Long Term Financial Plan and our Infrastructure & Asset Management Plan.

For more information about the Alexandrina 2040 consultation process, including registering for a focus group workshop, visit