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Retaining shacks for vibrant holiday communities

13th July 2020
Applications now open for shacks on crown land

Eligible lessees (or nominees) for shacks on Crown land are now invited to apply for longer tenure.

This is part of the South Australian Government’s commitment to create new opportunities for families to retain shacks on Crown land and in national parks.

As shack lessees are now being invited to apply for longer tenure, the following information is designed to help you in case you receive an enquiry from a shack lessee.

Understanding the opportunity

Applications for longer tenure for Crown land shacks are now open.

From today DEW will begin to distribute the Application Pack to those eligible lessees (or nominees) who have registered their interest. The Application Pack will include the Retaining Shack Guidelines to assist with the application process, information about their shack site, a concept proposal template and a link to the application form.

Shack lessees are encouraged to read through all of the information provided to them before they begin their application and are advised to read the Frequently Asked Questions on the DEW website for further information.

Applicants have until 30 June 2021 to submit an application.

Note: Eligible lessees are people who hold a Section 78B lease on a life-tenure or a fixed-term tenure lease for ‘Holiday Accommodation’ purposes, where this is no existing arrangement for longer tenure or relocation.

Gaining longer tenure

Subject to tenure eligibility, shack lessees can now begin the process to apply for longer tenure, in the form of either:

*             an initial 5-year lease followed by an option to purchase (freehold) the site; or

*             an initial 5-year lease followed by an option for a long-term lease for a maximum of 50 years (including the initial 5-year lease).

Shack lessees will need to meet contemporary safety, amenity and environmental standards to be eligible for longer tenure.

If these standards (outlined in the conditions of the lease) are not met within 5 years, the lease will expire and no new lease will be granted at the end of the 5-year term.

Regulatory authorities may need to consider and determine certain approvals, including development approvals, that lessees need to comply with. Further information can be found in the Retaining Shack Guidelines.

Further Information

For further information about the Retaining Shacks commitment please visit the DEW Retaining Shacks webpage or contact the DEW Shacks Team on (08) 8204 1218 or at The team aims to respond to emailed questions within five working days