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The supervisor’s checklist includes provisions relating to the handling, installation and inspection of roof framing, which must be systematically “checked off” during the delivery and construction of the roof framing system.

A completed supervisor’s checklist, signed by a registered building work supervisor who has undertaken the required training, must be provided to Council within 1 business day after giving notice that the roof framing is complete.  Alexandrina Council would prefer that the supervisors checklist be lodged at the time of the notification of completion of the roof frame.

The supervisor’s checklist is required for 100% of building rules consents involving the construction of roof framing unless exempted by the legislation.  A copy of the checklist can be downloaded below.  Please note that you are only required to complete that part of the checklist applicable to your building type.

Reg 74 Checklist


After giving notice that the roof framing is complete, a person must not conceal the framing until after the expiration of two clear business days.


A person who breaches any of the above requirements is guilty of an offence, and may be liable to pay an expiation fee of $500, or be liable to a maximum penalty of $10,000.


Notification of roof frame completion, supervisor’s checklists and roof concealment do not apply to:

  • Class 10 buildings, other than where the Class 10 building is attached to any part of the roof of a building of another class; or
  • Transportable buildings.


Please be aware that you will need to ensure that all notifications, at the stages as nominated on the development approval notice, are made to the Alexandrina Council within the specified time frames.

It is particularly important that you notify at each and every stage.  Schedule type notifications will be accepted as being notification of commencement only, you must notify again for each successive stage.

Failure to notify at a specified stage is an offence and expiation fees apply, ranging from $210 to $500 per offence.

If you fail to notify you will be expiated for each and every offence.

Persistent offenders will be prosecuted – maximum penalty $10,000


As an owner builder of any building, other than a Class 10 structure, you are required to engage the services of a registered building work supervisor or private certifier to sign off on the job upon completion (i.e. sign off on Part A of the Statement of Compliance).  The legislation requires that you provide to Council the details of the supervisor or private certifier at the time of notification of commencement.  There are no exemptions from this requirement.

Where the value of any domestic building work contract is $12,000 or greater you must obtain from the contractor a certificate of building indemnity insurance for the work, and provide a copy of the certificate to the Council.


Should you require additional information or wish to discuss any of the above matters please contact

The Building Department at the Alexandrina Council on 8555 7000.