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Dog Expiations

Relevant Legislation

For the purpose of managing animals within the community, Council staff are authorised to issue Expiation Notices in accordance with the requirements of the following acts. Should you require further information regarding the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995, you may like to direct your enquiry to your legal advisor.

Dog & Cat Management Act 1995

Expiation of Offences Act 1996


All fees associated with offences against the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 are determined by the state government and reviewed on an annual basis. Councils do not set or have input into the fee structure. Here are some of the common expiation fees for 2018/19:

  • Owner of an unregistered dog - $170
  • Owner of dog wandering at large - $210
  • Dog or cat not microchipped - $170
  • Certain dog or cat to be desexed - $170
  • Dog in school premises - $315
  • Owner of or responsible for dog causing nuisance by barking - $315
  • Owner or responsible for a dog which attacks or harasses a person or animal - $315

Some offences, such as unregistered dog, may result in subsequent expiation notices being issued if the offence has not been rectified.


Disputing your expiation notice

If you believe the expiation issued is incorrect, unfair or where there is a legitimate reason for the offence, please read the 'Disputing your Expiation Notice' fact sheet below before lodging an appeal, which if lodged, must be done so prior to the due date, with a statutory declaration, supported with evidence and MUST be in writing:

Disputing your expiation notice - fact sheet

Paying your expiation notice

Payment for Expiation Notices may be made in full in person using cash, credit card, cheque or money order at the Goolwa or Strathalbyn Offices of Alexandrina Council.  Postal payments may be made using a cheque or money order.  Payment may also be made over the telephone using a MasterCard or Visa Card.  Online payments are now available from the home page of our Council website.

Late fees may be added to any expiation if payment is not made by the due date.  Failure to pay an expiation may result in the expiation being referred to the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit (FERU) and further penalties may apply.  Once with FERU Council has no action against this expiation and all contact must be made with FERU - 1800 659 538. FERU adds enforcement fees to the expiation and if the fine continues to be ignored FERU will suspend the responsible person’s driver’s licence. for more information.