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Dog Registrations

Dog registrations are required to be renewed annually between 1 July and 31 August.  The annual registration is valid to 30 June.

Dog Registration Fees 2019-2020

It is a requirement for every dog over the age of 3 months to be registered.  The penalty for keeping an unregistered dog is a $170.00 expiation fee.

Dogs and Cats Online (DACO) is the statewide database for all dog and cat registrations in South Australia.

To register a new dog you can log into DACO and provide the details.  If you have never owned a dog before you will need to create an account.  Please see for further instructions.

6 Simple steps to register as a new owner

Registration renewals will be posted to all registered owners in July annually.  The renewal notice provide instructions for registration on DACO.  Council libraries have computers available if needed.

Please note: You will not be able to renew your dog registration until you have received your renewal notice in the post.

DACO gives animals a permanent registration number and lifetime tag which means that you will not get a new registration disc each year.  This number is carried with the animal for life regardless of a change of ownership or council area.

If your registration disc has been damaged or lost you are able to purchase a new disc from the DACO website under your pets registration for a fee of $10. Alternatively if you do not wish to use the supplied disc you may purchase a metal disc from elsewhere and have it engraved with the dogs registration number. Alexandrina Council also encourages you to include your name and phone number to the tag as this helps assist prompt return should your pet stray.

Dog and cat

Keeping dog registration details up to date

Ensure your dog’s address and other details are up to date.

For microchip certificates, please visit and enter your microchip number to find the contact for issuing you a new certificate. Your microchip number may be located on any veterinary documents or invoices. If you are unsure of your animal's microchip number you may wish to contact your local vet or contact Council to inquire about scanning services that are available.

Ensure notification is given if your dog dies, is missing for more than 72 hours, is given to a new owner or is surrendered to the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League

Understanding Fees:

The Dog and Cat Management Act defines two categories of dogs, standard and non-Standard dogs:

  • A standard dog is both microchipped and desexed meaning you receive a discounted registration fee.
  • A non-standard dog is not microchipped and/or desexed attracting a full registration fee.

For current registration fees please refer to Council’s Dog Registration Fees 2019-2020.

Approval is required to house more than two dogs per household.  Please complete and submit the permit application form.

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What’s new?


From 1 July 2018 it is a  mandatory requirement for all dogs and cats to be microchipped by 12 weeks of age; this applies to new and existing pets – unless exempted by a vet.

Alexandrina Council has been supporting microchipping days held locally by ChipBlitz.  Visit to view and book an upcoming session in your area.  Alternatively, book in with your local vet to get your beloved pet microchipped.


Every dog and cat born after 1 July 2018 must be desexed by 6 months of age unless exempted by a vet.  Any existing animal not desexed that changes ownership after this date must be sterilised within 28 days of the ownership transfer.


Cats aren’t currently required to be registered in Alexandrina Council. However Council highly encourages every cat owner to create a profile on DACO for your pet.  This is the easiest way to reunite lost pets with their owners.

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