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Australian Road Rules

1. Can I park on a path, Dividing Strip or Nature Strip?
No. Vehicles must not be parked with any part of the vehicle on a footpath or footway. This includes the grass verge outside your home. Apart from the obstruction of pedestrians, footpaths/footways are not intended to bear the weight of vehicles as damage may be caused to curbing, the land surface or services located underneath.

2. If I’m in a Parking Zone with a time limit can I move the car to a nearby parking space when the time expires so I can stay longer?
Yes, but ONLY if the vehicle has first been removed completely from its current parking area.

3. Can I park my semi-trailer in the street all day?
No. A long vehicle (including a car with a caravan or trailer attached) that exceeds 7.5 metres in overall length can be parked for no longer than one hour, day or night, in unrestricted parking areas unless loading or unloading is taking place. Note: Long vehicles are bound by normal time restrictions in zoned areas.

4. Q Am I parallel parked legally as long as the wheels of my vehicle are inside the line markings on the road?
No. No part of the vehicle must overhang the line marked parking bay.

5. When can I park my car in a Bus Zone?
Never. Not even for the purpose of the immediate setting down or picking up of a passenger.

6. I am the owner of a Range Rover. I wish to collect a personal computer terminal from a local business. How long am I allowed to park in the nearest Loading Zone?
A vehicle of the Range Rover type is a vehicle classed as a station wagon or station sedan and is excluded from the definitions of a “Commercial Vehicle” under the legislation. The maximum time such a vehicle may remain in a Loading Zone is for no longer than such time as is necessary to complete the dropping off or picking up of goods that are difficult to handle because of weight or size.

7. My vehicle is registered as a Bus. I understand I can leave it parked in a Bus Zone while I grab a cup of coffee?
Wrong. Only a Public Bus and other specially licensed vehicles under the Road Traffic Act 1961 engaged in scheduled services may park in a Bus Zone. See the comments under the Bus Zone section.

8. I was sitting in my car with the engine running in a Loading Zone waiting to pick up my wife and her shopping. I was furious to get a parking ticket. Surely the Parking Officer had no right to book me in these circumstances?
The Parking Officer correctly reported your vehicle. Waiting in a non commercial vehicle is not permitted in a Loading Zone.

9. I parked in a Ticket Parking area. I had a valid ticket displayed on the driver’s side of the dashboard of my car. When I returned to the vehicle I saw a Parking Officer issuing an Infringement Notice. I asked him why and he said he could not read the ticket from the passenger’s side of the vehicle. I accept it may have been difficult to read, but did he have the right to book me?
Yes. The ticket must be displayed on the passenger’s side or side nearest the kerb and in such a position that it is easily readable to anyone standing on the footpath or alongside the vehicle.

10. I parked my motorcycle well within the road markings of a parking bay in a Parking Zone. There was plenty of room for my bike even though a small car was already parked in the bay. Is it alright to do this?
No. Only one vehicle is permitted to park in an individual parking bay, regardless of size. However, more than one motorcycle is permitted to park in a car parking bay providing there is no car already parked there, and each motorcycle must have one wheel as close as possible to the kerb

11. I own a removal business and use a truck over 7.5 metres in length. How long can I park in:-

  • A Loading Zone - 15 or 30minutes.
  • A Parking Area with a time limit- One Hour
  • A Parking Area without a time limit - One Hour

12. I sometimes attach my trailer to my vehicle for various purposes when I drive into town. Together the car and trailer are over 7.5 metres in length. Does this make my car a “Long Vehicle” for the purpose of the legislation?

13. If I park my vehicle and trailer in a Loading Zone how long am I allowed to have to load/unload under the Australian Road Rules?
There are no special provisions for non commercial vehicles with trailers attached that entitles them to be parked in Loading Zones.
That being said, if the towing vehicle is a Commercial Vehicle the maximum time is 30 minutes.

14. My vehicle is a Long Vehicle (i.e. over 7.5 metres in length). How long can I park in an angle Parking Zone?
You can not park your vehicle in angle parking bays and as the driver of the vehicle you should find alternative parallel parking options.

15. My vehicle is a long vehicle. Am I allowed to parallel park in a Parking Zone and use more than one space?
Yes. But only where parallel parking is permitted and you must occupy the least number of bays as possible.

16. I had friends to stay at the weekend. As I have car space for one vehicle only on my property, I allowed my friends to park their car on the road across the entrance to my property. As I gave them permission to obstruct my entrance, could their vehicle still be booked?
Yes. No one including the property owner is permitted to block access to a driveway.

17. I parked in a 15 minute Parking Zone to collect a prescription from my doctor. I was delayed and did not return for over 45 minutes. I was horrified to see I had been given 3 Infringement Notices. One for exceeding the time limit and 2 for further offences. Was the Parking Officer right in booking me that way?
Yes. It is the driver’s responsibility to park in an appropriate place and to allow sufficient time even if their business is delayed. Further offences occur when a vehicle remains parked for successive periods of time that equal the time limit for the zone in which the vehicle is parked.

18. My car is a utility. I understand I can park in a Parking Area where vehicle bays are marked out even if my load is overhanging the space?
Wrong. The Australian Road Rules provide the total width/length of a vehicle (including the load) must be completely within the confines of the parking bay or space.

19. I double parked for a few seconds in Cadell Street while I dropped off my wife. I saw a Parking Inspector and wondered if he could have booked me as I drove off before he could fasten an infringement notice on my car?
Yes -There is no requirement under the Australian Road Rules 1999, for an Officer to place an Infringement notice on a vehicle and the notice can be posted to the registered owner or driver.

20. I have received a “Reminder Notice” from the Council in respect of a parking infringement which tells me I can complete a statutory declaration if my car was being driven by someone else at the time of the offence. Several people drive my car and I can’t remember who was driving at the time. If I tell the Council I don’t know who was driving, can they still prosecute me?
Yes. The owner of the vehicle may be legally responsible for the Parking Infringements unless he or she provides the full name and address of the driver at the time.

21. I used to own a Datsun 120Y, but sold it over a year ago through an advertisement in the paper. I didn’t bother to retain the part of the vehicle transfer form headed “Disposal Notice” and realise now I broke the law by not doing so. In fact I signed the form and just handed the papers to the buyer. I figured it was his car now and he said he would see to the formalities of the transfer at the Motor Registration Division. Three months later I started getting a whole series of parking infringement notices. I rang the Council to find out what was going on and they said I was still the registered owner of the vehicle. What do I do now?
(1) Provide a statutory declaration to the Council immediately giving the full name and address of the buyer of the vehicle together with a copy of any sale notice to back up your claim.
NOTE: If you do not provide a statutory declaration within 21 days of receiving the “Reminder Notice” from the Council or provide proof of sale, you may be held responsible for the parking infringements as “the owner” of the vehicle.
(2) You should also approach Transport SA to resolve the situation concerning ownership of the vehicle.

22. Q I had a doctor’s appointment on High Street and I was late. I drove around for ages looking for somewhere to park near the surgery, but all spaces were full up. Eventually I spotted a place I thought I could just squeeze into although it did mean my car was across an entrance to a building. I knew I wouldn’t be long and the building didn’t look used. When I returned my car had gone and someone told me my car had been towed away. What do I do now?
Call the Police. They will advise you whether your car has been towed away by the Police or the Council and if so who to contact to arrange recovery.

23. My vehicle broke down and I had to leave it in a No Stopping Zone. What should I do to avoid getting infringement notices?
If your vehicle is disabled in a No Stopping Zone, immediate action must be taken to resolve the situation by seeking assistance or arranging for the vehicle to be towed away. You should always leave a note in a prominent position on the passenger side of the vehicle (i.e. side nearest the kerb) and ring the Council. If you do receive an infringement notice you will be required to produce documentary evidence (e.g. a letter from the RAA or similar service provider confirming that the vehicle was in fact broken down).

24. My child had a seizure and I had to rush her to the Hospital. There was nowhere to park and I had to leave the vehicle partially in a No Stopping Zone. When I came out I had received an infringement notice. What should I do?
Obtain a statement from the Hospital in support of your claim that it was an emergency situation and send it immediately to Alexandrina Council PO Box 21 Goolwa SA 5214  quoting the notice number of the infringement notice and/or your vehicle registration details.

26. I am a tradesperson working in the township and parked in a loading zone can I park for longer than the period allowed?
Trades people cannot park for longer that the period allowed in a Loading Zone, however, when they have active work to be completed in the township, they may request a temporary parking permit  to park in a time limit or ticket parking area for a specified time  by phoning the Alexandrina Council on 8555 7000 to arrange a permit from one of the parking inspectors. Extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis having regard for congestion in the area requested and any other alternatives that may be available.

27. Can I park in my driveway, even though it blocks the footpath / Verge?
No. That part of the driveway must be clear at all times for the safety of pedestrians.