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Bushfire Requirements

If you are looking for general bushfire management advice for your property please follow the link to our Fire and Bushfire page.

Bushfire Requirements – Planning and Development

When submitting a Development Application for properties located within a bushfire risk area, compliance must be met in line with Alexandrina Council’s Development Plan.

Within the plan, bushfire provisions (pages 39 and 40) are specified to ensure that the Minister’s Code and specifications are met. Maps identifying designated bushfire prone areas and additional requirements can be referred to in the Plan on pages 687-708.

Habitable Structures within a High Bushfire Risk Area require a mandatory referral to the Country Fire Service (CFS) for assessment. The CFS will assess the application within 6 weeks of receipt.

Bushfire Maps within the Alexandrina Council Development Plan

Additional information can be found at

Private Bushfire Shelters

The construction, installation or alteration of Private Bushfire Shelters also requires building approval from Council, which is based on a number of requirements.

In some cases building approval may not be required where any part of the private bushfire shelter is, or will be, situated: (a) in front of any part of the building line of the building with which it is associated (b) within 900 millimetres of a boundary of the land with a secondary street (if  the land has boundaries on 2 or more roads) (c) within 6 metres of the intersection of 2 boundaries of the land where those boundaries both face a road, other than where a 4×4 metre corner cut-off has already been provided (and is to be preserved).

Call Council’s Planning department on 8555 7000 for more information about Private Bushfire Shelter requirements.

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