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Strathalbyn Development Plan Amendment

Alexandrina Council is updating its Development Plan via the Strathalbyn Township & Environs Development Plan Amendment (DPA) to help protect and strengthen the unique charm and heart of Strathalbyn.

During 2013-14 Council consulted with the community and business sector on the preparation of the Strathalbyn Town Plan. An important next step in implementing the Town Plan is amending policies, which control and influence future development in and around Strathalbyn.

The policy changes in this Development Plan Amendment (DPA) will affect four key areas: the District Centre, Adelaide Road Land, Lot 10 Langhorne Creek Road and the Industry Zone centred around Milnes Road.

Download brochure here to see maps and a summary of the proposed changes.

Strathalbyn DPA FAQs (394 kb)

Information Sheet

Draft Strathalbyn Township and Environs DPA by Alexandrina Council (8155 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA Public Consultation Outcomes Infographic(1908 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA Timeline

An info-graphic summarising the DPA process can be viewed here: Strathalbyn DPA Process Timeline - updated February 2018(359 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA Media Releases

Media Release - Strathalbyn DPA Minister's Approval

South Australian Government Gazette 27 September 2018 announcing Minister's approval of Strathalbyn DPA

Media Release - Alexandrina Council supports the 'heart' of Strathalbyn

Public Consultation Outcomes for Strathalbyn DPA

Streetscape revamp to give new life to Strathalbyn's retail heart(110 kb)

The Southern Argus - Letter to the Editor 248 kb)

Public Hearing

The Strathalbyn Development Plan Amendment Public Hearing was held at the Strathalbyn Town Hall on Saturday, 17 February 2018.

Strathalbyn DPA Public Hearing - Speakers List(32 kb)

Consultation Submissions - updated 25 January 2018

Strathalbyn DPA Summary of Submissions - final day (Friday 19 January 2018)(52735 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA Summary of Submissions Week 10(24515 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA Summary of Submissions Week 9(23913 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA - Summary of Submissions Week 8(52120 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA - Summary of Submissions Week 7(84875 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA Summary of Submissions Week 6(39013 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA - Summary of Submissions Week 5(91873 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA - Summary of Submissions Week 4(10131 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA - Summary of Submissions Week 3(1040 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA - Summary of Submissions Week 2(1322 kb)

Strathalbyn DPA - Summary of Submissions Week 1(480 kb)


Agency Submissions

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure(6125 kb)

Following the Minister for Planning's approval for the draft DPA to proceed to public consultation, Public and government agency feedback in relation  to the draft DPA was sought during a 9-week consultation period from Thursday 16 November 2017 to Friday 19 January 2018.

You can see the approval letter here.

Strathalbyn Township and Environs Development Plan Amendment - The Amendment 26 June 2018(3044 kb)

Strathalbyn Township and Environs Development Plan Amendment - Summary of Consultation and Proposed Amendments (SCPA) Report Signed 26 June 2018(926 kb)

Strathalbyn Township and Environs Development Plan Amendment - Summary and Response to Agency Submissions 26 June 2018(140 kb)

Supporting Investigations

To support development of the DPA, Council engaged the following consultants to undertake a number of investigations:

  1. Concept Plan for Lot 10, Langhorne Creek Road – awarded to Tredwell Management. This investigation explored how Council land at Lot 10 Langhorne Creek Road should be rezoned and developed to accommodate a range of recreational and community uses. Concept Plan Report
  2. Strathalbyn District Centre Traffic, Car Parking & Streetscape Plan – awarded to MRCagney Pty Ltd. In collaboration with Jensen PLUS, this investigation has produced a traffic, parking and streetscape strategy for the town centre, focusing on the design of public places, linkages between High Street and Dawson Street and improving safety for all users. Strathalbyn District Centre Traffic Parking and Streetscape Plan
  3. Retail Analysis Review – awarded to SGS Economics and Planning. This review provided an independent update of previous retail analyses for Strathalbyn, including an updated assessment of future demand for retail and other commercial floor-space. Retail Analysis Review Report
  4. DPA preparation and Strath Property Investment Land Investigations - awarded to Holmes Dyer Pty Ltd. In addition to the preparation of the DPA, Holmes Dyer has undertaken a review of the suitability of Lots 507 & 600 Hamden Way and Lot 508 Braemer Drive, Strathalbyn (referred to as the Adelaide Road Land) for urban and community purposes. Review of Adelaide Road Land Report

Council would like to thank the members of our community who participated in development of the Strathalbyn Town Plan and to recognise the input of the members of the Strathalbyn Community Advisory Panel. We look forward to receiving community feedback on the draft DPA once released for public consultation.

For any enquiries about the DPA, please contact Alexandrina Council on 8555 7000.

View further information about Council Development Plan Amendments here.

Council Decision making documents - please access here: