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Revaluation Initiative


Office of the Valuer General Revaluation Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t all properties included?

The scope of the project and the properties included across South Australia, have been set by the Office of the Valuer General. Additional property types may be reviewed in future years.

Will this review change my council rates?

Until the revised valuations are received from the Office of the Valuer General the impact on council as a whole and individual ratepayers is unknown. Council will soon be going through a detailed analysis of Rate Modelling as part of the 2020-21 Annual Business Plan and Budget setting process, with specific attention to properties affected by the  Revaluation Initiative Project scope.

At this stage Council are unsure of the expected movement in property valuations, be they up or down.

Will the Natural Resource Levy be affected?

Under the current structure of the Natural Resource Management Act 2004, councils raise this levy on behalf of the State Government. As neither the amount of levy required or the Capital Value for the 2020-2021 financial year are known, the amount payable by ratepayers is not able to be calculated at this time.

When will I find out if my property is affected?

If the changes to valuation are significant you may be contacted directly by the Office of the Valuer General. Council will endeavour to identify and contact property owners whose valuations change significantly as a result of this project. Your July 2020 rates notice will otherwise act as formal notification of your valuation.

What if I don’t agree with my property’s new valuation?

Your rights to lodge an objection to your property’s valuation remain the same. Once you receive your 1st quarter rates notice in July 2020, you have 60 days to lodge an objection with the Office of the Valuer General, details are on the back of the rates notice.

Will the current or previous years rates be changed due to these valuation changes?

Previously applied rates will not be affected. Any valuation changes to your property aligned with this review will only be from 1 July 2020.

How do I get more information?

Council will update this page and the Frequently Asked Questions as more information becomes available.

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Information for Primary Production and Rural Living Rate Payers

Alexandrina Council adopts and uses the capital valuations provided by the State Government’s Office of the Valuer General for the calculation and setting of council rates each year.

The Office of the Valuer General has advised they are undertaking a project to comprehensively review South Australia’s property values, entitled Revaluation Initiative. This project involves in-depth property data collection and analysis with the aim to improve the accuracy of valuations, ensuring contributions by the community are fair and equitable, in accordance with the Valuation of Land Act 1971.

Will this affect me?

The initiative is being delivered across the state in stages. Currently stage two of the project includes Primary Production and Rural Living Properties within the Alexandrina Council area. The valuations of these properties are currently being reviewed in preparation for the 2020–21 financial year.

Council is not yet aware of the impact on individual property valuations but will endeavour to communicate to ratepayers who may be affected as we receive more information from the Office of the Valuer General.

Questions can be directed to the Office of the Valuer General on 1300 653 345