Strategic Management Plans

Pursuant to Section 122 of the Local Government Act 1999, the Council must develop and adopt plans to effectively manage its area, to be collectively known as the Strategic Management Plans.

Council's Strategic Management Plans include:

A summary brochure about the Strategic Management Plans is available here.

Alexandrina Connecting Communities – Strategic Management Plans 2014-23

The new 2014-23 Our Community Strategic Plan’- is a living account of our community’s aspirations, interests and priorities. It guides resourcing plans such as the Long-term Financial Plan, Infrastructure and Asset Management Plan and Annual Business Plans and Budgets. It is based on significant community input, population and demographic forecasts and consideration of how Alexandrina Council might support community interests in the context of economic, social, environmental and cultural trends.

As part of a Section 122 Review of Strategic Management Plans, Council has prepared a Strategic Measures 2015 Report updating progress towards the 2014-23 Community Strategic Plan which can be accessed here.


Council has a series of advocacy commitments in various strategies and plans which are identified here.

Council has an Advocacy Plan 2017-18 summarising key issues of community interest which require the attention of external decision-makers. It can be viewed here.

An Advocacy Report detailing internal advocacy roles and responsibilities and reporting on advocacy activities undertaken in the period July-December 2017 can be viewed here.

Other Strategic Plans

Council has recently established the Tourism & Visitor Strategy 2017-2022. Tourism is a key driver of the Alexandrina economy. Setting strategic direction for tourism industry growth is vital to retaining the current visitor preference for the region, attracting new visitors and increasing spend in the region.

Council has two other key strategic management plans, as detailed below.

The key objective of the Long Term Financial Plan 2017-2026 is financial sustainability in the medium to long term, while still achieving Council's objectives as specified in its Community Strategic Plan, ensuring that we understand the impact of decisions made today on our future.

Council has prepared the Infrastructure & Asset Management Plan to assist in determining the funding impact of our assets. These projections are based on the current understanding of asset management needs over the next 20 years and ensure that assets are maintained at a safe and functional standard that meet community expectations and cater for future growth and demographic changes.