James Dodd - Shed Wizard

James Dodd - Shed Wizard

Event Type Exhibition/Show
Event Focus Arts
Event Reach All
Event Scope Local Community
Price FREE
Dates 08/12/2017 to 21/01/2018
Performer Details James Dodd’s practice has meandered across investigations of urban space, creative public interventions and notions of high and low art. Having spent a large period of time immersed in Australia’s street art movement of the early ‘noughties’, James has since pursued a practice that borrows graffiti for gallery outcomes and hijacks conceptual pursuits for application in suburbia. He celebrates cultures of DIY and life hacking, a result of his upbringing in the ‘make-do’ context of an agricultural childhood. A sense of adaptation and hybrid invention is especially present in his recent bicycle sculptures and more general art-machine outcomes. This selection of works includes vivid paintings, unusual bicycles, strange machines and candid videos. It brings this range of objects together to examine Dodd’s trajectory over the past decade or so and examines ongoing themes such as notions of social and political resistance, adventure and risk, and the hand-made contraption as magical art device.
Location Signal Point Gallery
Goolwa SA 5214

Gallery hours

Mon to Fri 11am-4pm,

Sat and Sun 10am-4pm

Opening event

Sat 9 December at 2pm

Things to know

Floor talk Sat 9 December at 1pm