Colours of Light - Marek Herburt solo exhibition

Event Type Exhibition/Show
Event Focus Arts
Event Reach All
Event Scope Local Community
Price FREE
Dates 30/03/2019 to 05/05/2019
Location Signal Point Gallery
Goolwa Wharf Precinct SA

Marek Herburt is fascinated by the complexity and variety of plant life intermixed with the vibrancy of colours in the Australian landscape. In this exhibition Marek portrays how light influences colours in nature. There are two ways of observing colours, local and global. The usual way to observe colours is local. This means the perception is influenced by what the brain is telling us, for example, that a tree trunk is brown, foliage is green and the sky is blue. Seeing colours globally means observing all the colours at the same time, providing the opportunity to see colours as they actually appear in nature, that is, bright and contrasting. Tree trunks, leaves and sky can be any possible colour. The unpredictability of the colours and the interplay of light while observing colours globally is a constant source of inspirationfor Marek when connecting with nature.

Gallery hours: Mon to Fri 11am-4pm, Sat and Sun 10am-4pm

Opening event: Sun 31 March at 2pm