Little Corella management in Alexandrina

Council's annual management program commenced this week

Council and the community have been dealing with the impacts of Little Corella (Cacatua Sanguinea) throughout the Alexandrina district for well over a decade.

Little Corellas are a native Australian bird found in many parts of South Australia. Little Corellas are very intelligent and naturally form large flocks during the warmer months and cause considerable damage and nuisance to our community. 

Council’s annual Little Corella management program started this week, aiming to lessen the negative impacts, nuisance, and damage to Council assets caused by the birds.

Methods involve a variety of scaring techniques to help deter the birds from breeding and settling in townships.

Alexandrina Council continues to advocate and engage with the State Government on efforts to manage Little Corellas more holistically across the State.

You can read more about Little Corellas and Council’s management programs here.