Project Updates

Project Updates

CLLMM - Milang Habitat Restoration Project: Snipe Sanctuary

Council, together with the Milang community and the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, has secured funding from the Australian Government’s Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth Recovery Project for this exciting project in Milang.

The emphasis of this project is on achieving ecological and environmental outcomes in and around the wetland area, particularly the Snipe Sanctuary. It aims to continue the recovery of native habitat and feeding grounds for threatened migratory birds visiting this important Ramsar wetland.

Amenity improvements, including an interpretive trail and viewing platforms, will be built to provide informal education opportunities for locals and visitors, and collaborate with community to promote environmental interest and stewardship.

Onsite construction works are scheduled for August – October 2017.

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Sealing of Nine Mile Road

Reconstruction and sealing of Nine Mile Road is currently underway. Nine Mile Road runs between Strathalbyn and Milang, with 5.46km in total length to be sealed. The project was part funded through the State Government from the Commonwealth’s Special Local Roads Program out of the Roads to Recovery Grants ("Fuel Excise Program") for the amount of $900,000.

In addition to the $900,000 Federal Government funding, Alexandrina Council has allocated an additional $450,000 within the 2016/2017 Annual Budget towards the project. Council has also allocated funds within the 2017/2018 financial year to complete sealing of the full length of Nine Mile Road.

The 'rectification' of the first 3km of spray seal has now been completed.

The remaining 3km of spray seal works will commence on Monday 13th November 2017 and is likely to continue for 2-3 days, subject to weather conditions. This work is being undertaken by Council's spray sealing contractor, Boral.

Speed and traffic restrictions will be in place whilst the road works are being undertaken.

Speed restrictions will also remain in place until line marking works have been completed, following the completion of spray seal works.

In addition to the above works, asphalt concreting of the Nine Mile Road and Echo Park Road intersection has been completed. This work has been undertaken to provide a more substantial suface for heavy vehicles turning in and out of Echo Park Road.

For further information, please contact Council on 8555 7000 or via email to

Strathalbyn Woodshed

Construction on the new Strathalbyn Woodshed is progressing brilliantly, with the project on target to meet the estimated late-August opening.

The Strathalbyn Woodshed entered the lock-up stage of construction at the end of June. Interior labour jobs are now in progress to complete the toilets, tea room and storage areas as well as work stations work stations for machinery donated by the community, finalising installation of plumbing and electrical and allocating areas for tools and equipment. Woodshed volunteers are assisting with the fitting out of the interior in preparation for the doors to open.

Once finished, the Strathalbyn Woodshed will have the capacity to serve up to 25 people per session. It will also have the opportunity to be open more frequently during the day; currently the Woodshed can only be utilised Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Evening sessions will also be a possibility as a result of the relocation. Previously, the Woodshed was required to close at noon due to noise restrictions based on its residential location. The larger work areas will allow for the installation of extra woodworking equipment currently in storage at various locations, and for much needed extra workbench space. An upgrade of dust collection facilities will improve the working environment.

The new facility will be located behind the Strathalbyn Depot on Forrest Road, adjacent to the Strathalbyn Scout Hall and replaces the existing facility behind the Strathalbyn Library.  Council approved the construction of a new Woodshed in July 2012 and approved the location in April 2014.

Please click here to see the Woodshed Plan and click here to see the Woodshed Elevations.

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