Bushfire Requirements

Development Applications within a bushfire risk area required to demonstrate compliance with the Minister’s Code Undertaking development in Bushfire Protection Areas February 2009 (as amended October 2012). In addition to demonstrating compliance with the Ministers Code an application is required to satisfy the relevant Bushfire provisions located on pg. 39-40 of the Alexandrina Council Development Plan. Habitable structures within a High Bushfire Risk Area require a mandatory referral to the Country Fire Service where they have 6 weeks to assess the application.

At the Building Rules stage applications are required to demonstrate compliance with the Ministers Specifications SA 78 Additional requirements in designated bushfire prone areas.

Bushfire Maps within the Alexandrina Council Development Plan

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Private Bushfire Shelters
Require building approval from Council. The construction, installation or alteration of a private bushfire shelter unless any part of the private bushfire shelter is, or will be, situated:
(a) in front of any part of the building line of the building with which it is associated
(b) within 900 millimetres of a boundary of the land with a secondary street (if  the land has boundaries on 2 or more roads)
(c) within 6 metres of the intersection of 2 boundaries of the land where those boundaries both face a road, other than where a 4×4 metre corner cut-off has already been provided (and is to be preserved).

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