Completed Projects - 2015

Strathalbyn Rotunda Restoration

Council has completed the restoration of the rotunda within the Strathalbyn Soldiers
Memorial Gardens. The rotunda was constructed in 1912-1913 by local carpenter Alexander Caldwell and forms a central focal point within the gardens. It continues to be of high importance and significance to the town both from a historical and social point of view, and is regularly used for weddings and public events.

Elements of the rotunda, which have slowly diminished in quality over time, have been restored back to a high standard using existing styles and colours through consultation between Council and State Heritage.

Landscaping around the edges of the rotunda has provided the finishing touches to this project. The rotunda also includes a new wheel chair access point.

Port Elliot Soldiers Memorial Gardens

The refurbishment of the gardens was completed in August 2016.  The aim was to provide disabled access into the gardens and to beautify by re-landcaping this area of the park. Work was carried out by LJK Project Management.

Facilities Available:

  • Free BBQ
  • Bench Seating
  • Table & Chairs
  • Shelter
  • Beach and Café close by
  • Electricity Access (Available upon request)

**Please note, this area is a Dry Zone seven days a week between the hours of 10pm until 6am.

Port Elliot SM Port Elliot SM 3

 Port Elliot SM 2

Mount Compass Wastewater Treatment Plant - Expansion

Media Release - 14 August 2015 - New Wastewater Treatment Plant for Mount Compass

The Mount Compass community wastewater system (CWMS) had reached its design capacity. The expansion of the community wastewater scheme, through the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant, will allow for future development within the Mount Compass district. CWMS is a system designed to collect and treat wastewater from properties using a network of common infrastructure. It is designed to collect, treat, re-use and/or dispose of primary treated effluent. Approximately 60 per cent of houses within the Mount Compass township are serviced by the existing CWMS scheme.

Progressive construction photos below.



Bristow Smith Reserve, Goolwa

Children's Bridge, Strathalbyn

The Children’s Bridge located in the Strathalbyn Soldier’s Memorial Gardens was first constructed in 1919 for a cost of 561 pounds. It was originally built with donated funds from Mr William Richardson, a pioneer of the Strathalbyn district. It was his wish to build the bridge as a memorial to his late wife, Margaret Richardson.

The bridge was restored in 1978 when the bridge reached a state of near collapse. Restoration works then was fully funded by the State Governments Unemployment Relief Scheme Grant.

By 2015 this iconic pedestrian bridge required attention to its concrete structure and exposed surfaces to ensure its structural integrity and longevity into the future. Work commenced 23 June 2015 and was officially reopened on 22 September 2015.



Old Chart Room

Structural repair work on the Old Chart Room is now complete, works where completed to stabilise the corner of the building located on the edge of the adjacent railway line cutting. Before and after photos below. Works completed in August included:

  • removal of the large conifer tree directly adjacent the building
  • installation of temporary props to support the corner of the building
  • underpinning of the corner of the building  
  • construction of a new concrete block retaining wall along a section of the property boundary with the railway line cutting, to halt further erosion.



Mount Compass Toilet Refurbishment

The construction work to upgrade the highly used public toilets at Mount Compass commenced in April 2015 and was completed in August 2015. Work included:

  • Removal of existing roof sheeting and replacement with new galvanised corrugated roofing and translucent roof sheets
  • new render and paint finish to the interior and external walls
  • re-exposure and restoration of the existing terrazzo toilet cubicle partitions
  • new wall tiles to the hand basin area, skirting tiles and feature wall tile throughout
  • new hand-basins and toilet suites and connection of the toilet cisterns to the wetlands water supply
  • new lighting and hand dryers
  • new timber slat screens to the ventilation openings
  • new decorative metal gates and new metalwork / artwork featuring local wildlife fixed to the exterior walls.

This work was undertaken by local building contractor Ian Saunders. 

Progressive construction photos below.



Signal Point Refurbishment

New dedicated kitchen and toilet facilities have been added to the Signal Point gallery / exhibition space to better cater for functions and events.  These new facilities are located on the eastern side of the building and provide male, female and access / disabled  toilet facilities, cleaners room and a catering kitchen, accessed directly from gallery / exhibition space. 

This work was undertaken by metropolitan building contractor MYKRA Building Services. Works completed 7 August 2015.




Commercial Road Footbridge, Strathalbyn 

The Commercial Road pedestrian bridge has been designed to assist safe passage of pedestrians moving between the central business district and north western Strathalbyn. 

The project undertaken by Civil Tech Pty Ltd, entailed the design and construction of a pedestrian bridge across Dawson Creek, Strathalbyn adjacent to Commercial Road. The works included all abutments footings, bridge works, handrails, associated fencing, kerb and gutter and stormwater management works.  Extended footpath works have been performed, linking the new footbridge via block pavers, to Mill Street. This compliments the neighbouring footpath network adjacent to the Strathalbyn pool.




Milang Institute

The work to replace the non-compliant stair and balustrade to the balcony area to the Milang Institure to meet current fire safety requirements was completed in April 2015. Work included:

  • removal and replacement of existing non compliant timber stair leading from the entrance foyer to the balcony
  • supply and installation of a new steel balustrade behind the existing cast iron balustrade to the balcony
  • removal and infilling of the existing upper level timber door and frame with masonry construction
  • cutting back of existing timber bench seating to the balcony area to accommodate the new wider stair
  • revised structural steel connection details and new concrete strip footing to adequately support the steel framework for the new stair
  • painting of walls, existing doors and windows to the foyer area
  • application of oil finish to the existing timber benches.

 Progressive construction photos below.



Port Elliot RSL - New Roof

The work to replace the roof and re-paint the foyer was completed in December 2014. Work included:

  • replacement of the existing roof, gutters and downpipes and replaced with new colorbond roofing including new insulation
  • repainting of existing fascia and soffits
  • repair of rendered mouldings to piers
  • installation of new plaster ceiling to foyer
  • repair of existing damp affect walls
  • repainting of walls, ceilings, doors and timber trims to foyer/toilets
  • re-pointing of existing rear chimney
  • relocation of existing downpipes
  • installation of new security system
  • installation of new light fittings to foyer/toilets
  • resealing of glazing to front windows to foyer.

Progressive construction photos below.