River Access & Mooring

Council will strive to ensure that permitted activities along our river banks and foreshores reflect appropriate environment use and protection of such areas, whilst reinforcing the character of the river as an environmental asset and recreational destination.

A River Access and Moorings Permit allows elligible land owners an opportunity to place domestic water pumping facilities, jetties, mooring facilities, landings and other structures on public land.


Alexandrina Council charges an annual fee for: -

  • River Access Permits
  • Mooring Facility Licenses
  • River Access Permit/Mooring Facility Licence Transfers

Fees payable will be in accordance with Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges.  Any revenue generated from these fees is set aside for projects to develop public access and amenities along the riverfront. Council has established public jetties, boardwalks and boating facilities throughout the Council area, as well as developing riverfront reserves from this development fund

Permit Eligibility

A landholder may be eligible to apply for a Mooring Facility Licence if they own a parcel of residential land generally located within 250 metres of an area of water frontage to which authority and delegation to issue a River Access Permit applies AND documented evidence of their existing River Access Permit is supplied.

Applications for, and approval of permits will be determined by Council taking into account the following factors:- 

  • Eligibility of the location of the property to which this application applies
  • Evidence of existing River Access permit eligibility to apply for a Mooring Facility Licence
  • Preliminary advice from referred parties (Crown Lands, Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority etc)
  • Whether the location is subject to a Native Title Claim (unalloted Crown land)
  • Whether the site is a declared RAMSAR site for the protection of migratory birds and habitat.
  • Impact on road reserve or community land by the issue of the permit
  • Any other relevant information that would assist with the decision making process

For further information, to check your eligibility and to obtain an application form, please contact a Property Officer of Council.