Busking & Preaching

Council may issue permits for busking, preaching or small scale entertainment (less than 5 persons) on road reserves and public land. A person must not without the permission of Council, undertake Busking or Preaching activities on Local Government Land including footpaths, streets, road related areas, public land and community reserves.

 Activities which require a Busking or Preaching Permit include but are not limited to          

  • Busking           
  • Preaching
  • Small group entertainment


Alexandrina Council charges a fee for use of road reserve/public land for Busking or Preaching purposes. Fees payable will be in accordance with Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges (as applicable).  Permit applications forms are required to be lodged with Council a minimum of twenty one (21) business days in advance of the activity unless otherwise negotiated with Council.

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