A person must not use a public road or community land for business purposes without a permit.  Business purposes include the use of land even if it is not intended to make a profit.

Alexandrina Council acknowledges the need to regulate the number and location of fundraising activities on its public roads, footpaths and public spaces in order to ensure that there are no reasonable adverse impacts on pedestrian safety, local business trade, community users and other road users and to ensure the amenity of the locality is preserved.

Council supports community groups which raise funds by conducting stalls and badge days in public space, including footpaths and public land.   These groups include sporting clubs, recreational clubs, craft groups or associations and community based health or social welfare agencies. 

Council has the authority to give permission to community groups or charitable organisations to fundraise throughout the Council area.


No fee currently applies.

View the application form here.

For further information or an application form please contact a Customer Service Officer.