Mobile Food Facilities

Council will generally not grant approval for mobile food trading facilities, inclusive of vans/street food traders and ‘pop-ups’ to operate on road related areas (car parks) or community land (reserves) within the Alexandrina Council due to the impact this activity may have on local traders, road users and associated traffic restrictions.  However, permit applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Dependent on the length of time of requested use, Council may issue a short term permit for use of a road related area or portion of a public reserve. Additionally, a mobile food facility trading application for use of a portion of community land for an extended term can be approved by Licence agreement. 

Mobile food trading facilities to which this application applies, includes but is not limited to, all temporary, stationary or mobile vans, cars, trucks, carts, street barrows, trailers, tables, tents and ‘pop-up’ facilities which are approved in accordance with the Food Act 2001, and which sell any food related product including;

  • hot or cold food and drinks (including coffee, ice-cream or ice-confection products)
  • fruit, vegetable or produce
  • any other food vending operation


Alexandrina Council charges an annual fee for use of public land for mobile food trading business purposes. Fees payable will be in accordance with Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges. If deemed necessary, there will also be a fee incurred for inspection of the mobile food facility by Council’s Environmental Health Officers.

Permit Application forms are required to be lodged with Council a minimum of twenty one (21) business days in advance of the activity unless otherwise negotiated with Council.

For further information or an application form please contact a Property Officer of Council.