Alteration to Road & Infrastructure

A person (other than the council or a person acting under some other statutory authority) must not make an alteration to a public road unless authorised to do so by the council.

Council may issue a permit for a range of works over, across or under road related areas (footpath and road reserves). A person must not without the permission of Council, undertake certain activities on Local Government Land including footpaths, streets, road related areas, public land and community reserves.

Activities which require an Alteration of Road and Infrastructure Permit include but are not limited to:- 

  • Installation of a drain
  • Installation of a crossover (driveway access)
  • Installation of pipelines under road (Indirect water supply)
  • Electrical mains and power lines (undergrounding and extension of cables)
  • Installation of a Veranda or other structure over, across or under the footpath/road reserve
  • Other

For further information please contact Council.