Unmade Road Reserve

Alexandrina Council has approximately 1000km of unmade road reserve, with various values.  Council will ensure appropriate land management practices occur on unmade road reserves, by regulating the types of activities that may occur on a portion of land, given the values of the land. Council seeks to actively monitor road reserves to ensure appropriate use and where possible, to preserve or enhance the land. The focus is on ensuring that the best possible outcome is achieved for council and the community.

A road reserve is defined as land invested in the Council in fee simple that is set aside for the purposes of a public road, irrespective of whether or not it is being used as a public road. This includes unmade road reserves. For the purpose of this permit process, an unmade road reserve is defined as an unformed or unmade (unsealed) road, to which no improvements or alterations have been made and which is under the care and control of Council.

Permitted uses may include but are not limited to:

  • Business purposes (Grazing or Cropping)                       
  • Conservation value and revegetation, use as a Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) site
  • Protection of heritage and environmental values
  • Private property access or land development                                          
  • Recreational use (Office for Recreation and Sport)                                                          
  • Risk Management Mitigation

* Permits will generally only apply to adjoining land holders.

For further information or an application form please contact a Property Officer of Council.