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It is important to protect and enhance our local biodiversity. Council’s primary focus is to protect and improve the condition of remnant native vegetation on land under its care and control. To achieve this goal we have made the enhancement of biodiversity a main chapter of our Environmental Action Plan and aim to do this by:

  • building our knowledge
  • protecting and enhancing remnant vegetation
  • connecting habitats and restoring degraded areas
  • improving urban biodiversity
  • protecting and enhancing coastal biodiversity
  • being a responsible land manager (weed control, pest control, fire management)
  • engaging the community and developing partnerships.

Biodiversity 3

These actions and strategies will help us to shape our ideal future and deliver a range of direct benefits for the community, including:

  • reduced water consumption and herbicide use
  • self-regenerating landscapes which suppress weeds
  • protection of creeks and slopes from erosion
  • reduction of runoff and improved water quality
  • reduction and control of fire hazards
  • increased agricultural productivity (improved pest control, soil production etc.)
  • buffering of wind, noise and visual impacts of development
  • educational opportunities, places of natural beauty and a sense of place.

We want our natural environment to be valued by the community and we work together to preserve, protect and enhance biodiversity across the region.

To learn more about our efforts to protect biodiversity please visit the next sections of this webpage or download our Environmental Action Plan.

Native Vegetation Management
Roadside Marker System
Significant Environmental Benefit Offset (SEB) Sites

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