Roadside Marker System

As you are travelling through our district areas you can see blue and white markers alongside rural roads. These signs are part of our Roadside marker System (RMS) which identifies and helps to protect significant native vegetation.

The number of sites included in the RMS has expanded significantly over the past 15 years and a comprehensive audit of the system was completed in 2013. Currently markers are installed at over 350 sites.

 Each site has two markers facing oncoming traffic:

  • A beginning marker with a blue and white shield design
  • A blue end marker with a white diagonal line


Our roadside vegetation provides important habitat corridors for our native wildlife and in some areas, contains the remaining patches of remnant vegetation. Infestation with weeds is one of the biggest threats to the health of our roadside vegetation. Council has a program of weed control at over 50 RMS sites, many of which contain nationally listed threatened flora species. We ensure that our weed control practices do not jeopardise native species even further. As a result we have seen native species start to regenerate and the return of native fauna such as echidnas. 

Please be aware that council permission is required to do any work on council land and roadsides. Fines apply for works without council permission.

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