Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) Offset Sites

significant environmental benefit

The clearance of any native vegetation results in the loss (even temporary) of habitat, biodiversity and environmental value. In order to compensate for that loss, an operator or individual who wishes to clear native flora must establish a process to protect and manage the biodiversity in that region over and above that lost. This typically involves:

  • the establishment and management of a special area to encourage the revegetation and natural regeneration of native vegetation
  • the protection and management of an established area of native vegetation
  • or a payment to the Native Vegetation Fund.

At Alexandrina Council we are aware that the clearance of any native vegetation should be avoided wherever possible but we understand that this is not always possible. To avoid negative impacts on our community from the destruction of large areas of native vegetation, Council’s Environmental Project Officers are consulted before any Council application for clearance of native species is submitted to the native Vegetation Council.

When identifying potential significant environmental benefit offset sites, we give priority to improving the condition of existing vegetation rather than revegetating open space.

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