The management, enhancement and protection of our local biodiversity is a joint responsibility of government, the private sector and the community. The closer we all work together and the more we share our knowledge and resources, the more effective our actions can be.

Alexandrina Council is already home to a highly skilled and active community conservation sector and numerous volunteers, conservation groups and Natural Resources Management organisations significantly contribute to the protection and improvement of biodiversity on both Council and privately-held land. We acknowledge the hard work our volunteer groups are doing and thank all of them for their commitment to significantly enhancing our natural environment.

bush for life site comm revegetation project clayton

Strengthening and maintaining these existing relationships and the development of further partnerships which can enhance biodiversity outcomes across our region is essential. Council actions to form new and strengthen existing partnerships include:

  • Foster networks with adjoining Councils, state government agencies, Natural Resources Management (NRM) Boards and non-government organisations for the effective coordination of on-ground works and to maximise external funding opportunities.
  • Participate in the Green Army Program to engage young people in local biodiversity management.
  • Educate the community about the value of, and threats to, local biodiversity and the actions needed protect our environmental assets.
  • Continue the development of the Sustainability Hub at the Goolwa Works Depot.
  • To further assist in maintaining the health of our native fauna council endorses the establishment of Wildlife Rescue Centre by the Wildlife Welfare Organisation within the planned Community Hub at the Council Works Depot in Goolwa. This Rescue Centre will include offices, examination rooms as well as rehabilitation facilities.

At present some of our most active environmental partnerships are with:

And many other groups and individuals who contribute to the protection and enhancement of our environment.

clayton bay nursery

Alexandrina council uses plants grown by the local nurseries for revegetation and planting projects. Please contact the nurseries for their extensive range of local florae.

If you would like to get involved with any of these groups please visit their webpages.

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