Council Agendas and Minutes

The Agendas for the Council Meetings are normally available for public viewing as from the Thursday prior to the Council meeting date.

The Minutes from Council Meetings are normally released three days after the date of the Council Meeting.  For Council Minute enquiries, please contact Council on 8555 7000.

Council Meeting Audio Recordings

Council audio records all Council Meetings and the recordings posted on the website once the Minutes are released. Please note that the audio files are quite large and may take a while to download.

NOTE:  Due to technical difficulties, no audio recording is available for the 16 April 2018 Council Meeting

Agendas, Attachments and Minutes


February 18 2019
.pdf Council Agenda - 18 February 2019 Agenda
.pdf Council Attachments - 18 February 2019 Attachments
February 4 2019
.pdf Council Agenda - 4 February 2019 Agenda
.pdf Council Minutes - 4 February 2019 Minutes
.pdf Council Attachments - 4 February 2019 Attachments
.mp3 Council Audio Recording - 4 February 2019 Audio Recording
January 21 2019
.pdf Council Agenda - 21 January 2019 Agenda
.pdf Council Minutes - 21 January 2019 Minutes
.pdf Council Attachments - 21 January 2019 Attachments
.mp3 Council Audio Recording - 21 January 2019 Audio Recording

Council Index

Index of Council Minutes 2019 will be made available here soon

Index of Council Minutes 2018