Mobile Food Vendors - Alexandrina Council

mobile food vendors 

A vibrant and successful mobile food vendor sector can showcase and take advantage of the inherent strengths of our region with its array of quality food, wine, tourism and lifestyle experiences.  Mobile food vending represents an opportunity to expand the business landscape within our region. The contribution of vendors, complementing our existing food and drink businesses to urban vibrancy and micro-economies are key economic growth and investment enablers.

Council consent to the operation of a Mobile Food Vendor within the district will be determined giving due regard to retaining an appropriate balance between existing business operators, local residents and community/visitor demand for variety and services.

Prior permission from Council is required in order to operate a Mobile Food Vending business within any area of the Alexandrina Council district, other than on privately owned land.

There are 3 options for obtaining permission. 

  • Council supported Event Permit
  • Community Land Permit or Licence
  • Road/Road Related Area Permit

Please note: Mobile Food Vendors with approval to operate as part of a Council supported Community Event are exempt from this permit process.  Please contact the Event Coordinator for that Event to obtain your permission.

Apply for a Permit