Businesses - Council Assistance

Business Help - If you have a business or are looking at starting one in the Alexandrina area, there are some key areas of Council that will be able to assist you:

Planning and Development Have you thought about whether you need a Development Approval for the business that you are about to commence? If not please visit our Planning and Development page to found out more about change of use applications or the construction of a new building.

Environmental Health Businesses are included under public health legislation and may need to engage with our environmental health staff on issues like wastewater, food safety and trade waste. Further information can be found at the Environmental Health pages.

By-Laws and Policies Businesses may need to be mindful of relevant Council By-Laws or Policies such as the Moveable Signs By-Law, the Local Government Land By-Law or policies such as the Signs, Banners and Flags Policy.

Infrastructure and Engineering Services Council is often undertaking infrastructure and engineering projects in the Alexandrina region. Sometimes these may affect streets that pass businesses. Further information about infrastructure projects can be found at:

Tourism and Events Tourism is a key industry for Alexandrina. It is supported through the operation of Visitor Information Centres at Goolwa and Strathalbyn, social media pages for each town and events support via annual grants. Further information about Tourism can be found at: View the Alexandrina Tourism & Visitor Strategy 2017 - 2022 here.

NBN The National Broadband Network is in the Alexandrina region. Further information can be found at:

Doing Business with Council  All available Council tenders are lodged through Tenders SA and information can be found at: You can also register with Alexandrina Council if you would like the opportunity to supply us or do business with us. Please read An Introduction to Vendor Panel to see what mandatory requirements you will need or send an email to for further information.