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Alexandrina Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenge

You have a great idea.

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Alexandrina Innovation Challenge

Why an Innovation Challenge?

The Alexandrina Innovation Challenge is a direct initiative from the A2040 Community Strategic Plan ‘Our plan to Thrive’ endorsed by Council early 2021.

The Challenge aligns with the ‘Connected activity and measure’ 3.3 Leverage Business Alexandrina to increase opportunities to co-design innovation program for Alexandrina.

About Startup Adelaide

Startup Adelaide is the peak body representing all startup activity in South Australia: from grass-roots innovators to senior ecosystem influencers. Startup Adelaide works with high impact/high growth new ventures and those who support our entire economy to enable all to go further, faster.

Wherever your connection is with the innovation economy, Startup Adelaide’s passion is to see you prosper.

The Challenge

For the Alexandrina region to thrive, we need to embrace creativity and seek innovative solutions to positively impact our natural environment, community wellbeing and local economies.

The Alexandrina region offers diverse and unique opportunities to become leaders, innovators and change-makers across multiple industries and sectors.

Within each unique township, the places and spaces between, lies opportunity to help Alexandrina thrive.

The A2040 Community Strategic Plan – ‘Our plan to thrive’ tells the story of what Alexandrina could look like by the year 2040 if we, as Council and community, create solutions and take opportunities continue to innovate and implement.

Download the entry guide

Your Solution

Your idea must be aligned with one or more of the community aspirations:

  • Liveable
  • Green
  • Connected

Liveable Alexandrina is defined by distinctive villages, places, spaces and transport networks that support active lifestyles, vibrant cultures and productive enterprise.

Green Alexandrina is climate-ready, a place where nature is valued and resources are managed creatively and sustainably for an emerging economy.

Connected Alexandrina is created for, with and by the community. We are safe, healthy and all enjoy accessible infrastructure and services.

To find out more about the three aspirations, take a look at the A2040 Our Plan to Thrive 2020-2024 (4 year delivery plan).

Want to be inspired and see what the future of Alexandrina could look like? Read or listen to the A2040 ‘Our plan to Thrive’ story or watch the A2040 video series

Your idea can be any of the following (and not limited to):

  • A business (including sole proprietorship
  • Social enterprise
  • An extension or reimagined idea/solution for an existing business
  • A prototype
  • A Service
  • Community initiative or project
  • Non-profit Organisation
  • Event or festival
  • Partnership or collaboration
  • Technology

The Opportunity

  • Take part in a 4 month program designed by Startup Adelaide in partnership with Alexandrina Council to help you bring your idea to life
  • A series four of mentoring and coaching workshops with Startup Adelaide’s network of marketing, strategy, sales, finance and innovation leaders
  • Specialist support to develop an action plan for business growth and impact measurement capability
  • Opportunities to collaborate with Startup Adelaide networks and other innovative Alexandrina businesses
  • The winner/s of the Innovation Challenge will be recognised at the inaugural Startup Adelaide Business Awards event in late 2021

Not only is it a great opportunity to get your idea further and faster, it’s a great tool for personal and professional development. Enhance your communication skills, increase your confidence, build your networks and tap into your creativity and problem solving.

Who can enter?

Submit as a team or take the leap as an individual. Don’t have an idea or a team? Perhaps you have skills you can contribute? Express your interest to join a team. [links to ]

If you live, work or play in the region, we welcome your submissions. You don’t have to be a resident to participate. If your idea helps our communities thrive in a Liveable, Green and Connected Alexandrina, we want to hear from you.

Cost/ Fees

None! This opportunity is sponsored by Alexandrina Council.

How to submit

Submit your idea pitch by uploading a video presentation here [link].

You will need to upload your video to Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook or Instagram and supply the link in this form [link]. Both Vimeo and Facebook provide options to make your video private, only visible to someone that has a link. Learn more: YouTube unlisted videos  and Vimeo private link.


  • Please make sure the video is no longer than 5 minutes in length, ensure that you are looking at the camera when filming, and don’t forget to smile!
  • The video can be taken on a mobile phone – we recommend holding the camera very still or propping it on something when recording, make sure you have limited background noise and that the orientation is portrait (vertical) rather than landscape.
  • Be sure to introduce your solution or idea in the video.
  • You are allowed to include footage of your work/colleagues/program/animation. However this needs to be less than 20% of the entire pitch video.

In your pitch you need to cover:

The problem

  • What is the problem you are looking to solve and what is your connection to the issue?
  • How do you know it is a problem? Qualify and quantify.
  • Consider the following: how does this manifest? What are the effects of the issue? How many people are affected Where are the people affected located?

The solution

  • What is your solution and how does it create a positive impact on the problem you have identified?
  • How does it work and how will it be sustainable (e.g. resources and making money)

Alignment with A2040 aspiration

  • How does it align with one or more of the A2040 aspirations: Liveable, Green or Connected?

The Market

  • What proportion of the market do you think you can serve?
  • What is the value of this market?

The Team

  • Who is part of the team?
  • How did your team become passionate about this problem?

About the program

Challenge OPEN 21 April 2021

Stage 1

We want to know about your value proposition. You and your team has the opportunity to describe your innovation and show us how your solution meets your customer needs via online video submission.

Stage 2 Applications CLOSE 5 p.m. 17 May 2021

(Australian Central Standard Time).


Your team will receive an email notifying you of your team’s status by 23 May 2021 5pm.

Stage 3

If your team is selected as a Challenge Finalist, you will be invited to participate in a program consisting of four workshops designed and hosted by Startup Adelaide to hone and sculpt your idea into the perfect pitch.  This program will also connect you with local mentors who are already leading the way!


Your team will present the final pitch at the local awards event. Winners announced on the day. Then the work truly begins!

Winners will be invited to attend Startup Adelaide’s Business Awards to celebrate their success and open up a new world of opportunities!

Enter Here!

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