The Environmental Action Plan 2030 expresses Council’s commitment and articulates that we will be worthy stewards of the land and waters of our Council area. This Plan sets the context, the opportunities, and challenges for making the changes needed to protect our ecosystems, and to manage and enhance our three main priorities: Biodiversity, Waters, and Communities.

The Environmental Action Plan 2030 is based on the former Environmental Action Plan 2014-2018; and has been reviewed with the help of the former Environmental Advisory Panel against A2040 and other strategic plans.

To address the climate change and ecological emergencies we face, we need to:

1. prevent any further loss of threatened species habitat;

2. manage fire with ecologically suitable fire regimes;

3. manage invasive species, including those ecosystem-transforming weeds;

4. manage our water resources and become water smart; and

5. mitigate and adapt to climate change.

For this we need strong partnerships with all levels of government, our community, First Nations peoples, environmental community groups, agriculture and landowners who manage and love our land, waters, and biodiversity.

You can download the Environmental Action Plan 2030 here.

To find out how the draft Environmental Action Plan 2030 fits in with Council’s other strategic documents, follow the link to find out 'How our plans come together'.