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Council offices and libraries are open. For information about Council services affected click here and for the latest updates on Alexandrina Council's response to COVID-19 click here

Please contact us by phone 8555 7000 or email

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Finance Services

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We encourage you to contact Council  if you are concerned about capacity to pay  your rates.

Please refer to Council’s Hardship Policy.

You can contact Council’s Rates Team by phone on  8555 7000 or email to confidentially discuss your circumstances.

Please choose one of the options below to pay via credit card.

Online PaymentsICONRates



Online PaymentsICONExp

Payments can also be made by the following methods

BPayBy PhoneVia Mobile AppIn PersonMail

A recurring / or regular monthly payment option is available for ratepayers who want to manage their household budget when their rates bill comes in. Want to know more... see below.


bpay logo

Contact your participating bank, credit union or building society to make payments directly from your cheque or savings account. You will be required to enter the Biller Code (36012) and BPay reference number as detailed on the front of your rates notice.

BPAY View® enables you to receive, view, pay and store bills in your online banking account.

Sign up to BPAY View in your internet banking site by follow the prompts – and your next bill will be sent to you electronically.

  • Convenience - BPAY View® sends your bills straight to the same online bank you use to pay them.
  • Easy access - You can manage your bills 24/7 over the internet from wherever you are and be notified when a new bill arrives.
  • Pay on time - With convenient email, SMS or bank message reminders and secure online or mobile access.

Watch the 'Using BPAY View video' link here.

Please read the information below and if you wish to request a search please contact Alexandrina Council on 8555 7000.

Property and Rate Searches provide information on particular properties. They can only be ordered by or on behalf of a person who has an interest in the land. The information provided is in accordance with the following Acts and Regulations:

  • The Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994 (Section 7 and 12)
  • The Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Regulations 2010 (Schedule 2 & 3)
  • The Local Government Act 1999 (Section 187 (1)) Section 187 Rates Certificate.

For the purposes of ordering a search, the Local Government Act 1999 (Section 187) states that a person has an interest in land if and only if that person is:

  • the owner of a registered estate or interest in the land, or
  • an occupier of the land, or
  • a person who has entered or declares to the council that he or she proposes to enter into a contract to purchase the land, or a mortgagee or prospective mortgagee of the land.

What is a Section 7 Property Search?

A full search includes a Section 7 and consists of three components:

Rates (Section 187) - A rates certificate is generated which shows rates levied for this financial year and outstanding rates due.

Environmental Health - The specific property is checked against the contaminated land register to identify whether any relevant notices have been issued.

Development Services including information pertaining to:

  • Previous applications to check whether there are any continuing conditions,
  • Records of Approvals/Applications relating to potentially contaminating activities which pose possible site contamination
  • A copy of the indemnity insurance (if available)
  • Heritage Information
  • Details Land Management Agreements
  • Current notices issued for that particular property are indicated on the search.
  • Property Zoning and Policy Area in accordance with Councils Development Plan
  • Any Orders that may apply/continue to apply under any of the following Acts,
    • The Development Act 1993
    • Fire & Emergency Services Act 2005
    • Food Act 2001
    • Housing Improvement Act 1940
    • Local Government Act 1934 & 1999
    • Public Health Act 2011

Purchase/ Work Orders from the Council to its suppliers can now be delivered electronically via email.

The terms and conditions applicable to Council's Purchase Orders and Works Orders are available by clicking on the links below. Alexandrina Council's Contracts, Tenders & Purchasing policy states that all purchases of Goods & Services must be by way of Purchase Order.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase(136 kb)

To set up recurring payment of your rates bill - follow the link below to your bank for step by step instructions.

** Please Note

The list below is not an extensive list of all financial banking institutes. If your bank is not listed below please contact your bank directly to arrange recurring payment option on your account.
You will need to amend your nominated payment amount based on your first quarter rates notice for each financial year. Make a diary note for July 2015.
If you have more than one property the set up of regular/ recurring bpay payments will be required for each individual assessment/ property reference number.

Help calculate my monthly repayment....

The following is an example only - you will need to calculate monthly repayments based on your Full Payment Balance on your Rate Notice.

As the rate notice for the new financial year is not available and received in your letterbox until mid to late July, monthly repayment amounts need to be paid in the first week of each month to meet quarterly payment deadlines. And avoid interest charged for late payments.

Quarterly payments are due in the first week of September, December, March and June.  Therefore, when you receive your new financial year rate notice in July - remember to make payment for July and then set up regular monthly payments in the first week of each month following.

For example:

Annual Rate Notice Total: $2,400 (Quarterly Total: $600)

Mid to late July: one off bpay payment of $200

First week of January: $200

First week of August: $200

First week of February: $200

First week of September: $200

First week of March: $200

First week of October: $200

First week of April: $200

First week of November: $200

First week of May: $200

First week of December: $200

First week of June: $200

** Await your new financial year rates notice and set up recurring bpay payment for the next 12 months in July.

Who do you bank with?

ANZ - Click here and refer to Step 4 - recurring bill payment

Ph: 13 33 50

Bendigo Bank - Click here

Ph: 1300 236 344

Bank of South Australia (BankSA) - Click here

Ph: 13 13 76

Westpac Bank - Click here and select Recurring Payments text under video topics.

Ph: 1300 655 505

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)  - Click here

Ph: 13 23 39

National Australia Bank (NAB) - Click here

Ph: 13 22 65

St George Bank - Click here

Ph: 13 33 30

If you are still experiencing problems setting up your recurring payment, in the first instance please contact your bank, phone numbers listed above.

If your bank is not able to assist, please contact our rates office on 8555 7000 and we will endeavour to make enquiries regarding your banks ability to set up recurring payments.

By Phone

Payments can be made via Mastercard or Visa credit card by calling 1300 364 878.

You will need your ten digit BPay reference number found on the front of your rates notice.

Mobile App

Post Billpay offers a number of payment options including mobile app, online and in person. Make payments via your mobile phone using the AusPost app (available for android and apple mobiles). Watch the video link here to see how it works.

In Person

Austalia Post logo

Payments can be made in store at any Australia Post outlet. Go to for Post Office locations and trading hours.

Payments can be made in person by taking your rates notice to one of our council offices or to any Australia Post Office. Council offices are situated in Cadell Street Goolwa and Coleman Terrace Strathalbyn. Click here for council locations and office hours.


Send the bottom portion of your rates notice along with a cheque or money order to:

Alexandrina Council
PO Box 21
Goolwa SA 5214

Rates and Debtors



Hardship Policy

Postponement of Rates Application Form for Seniors 2019-2020


Payment Plan (Rates)


Owner Occupier Rates Payment Authorisation Form

Rating Policy

Rate Capping Application Form for Principal Place of Residence 2019-2020


Rate Capping Rebate Application 2019-2020


Discretionary Rate Rebates Guidelines 2019-2020


Rate Rebate Application Form 2019-2020

Single Farm Enterprise Information Paper 2019-2020

Single Farm Enterprise Application Form 2019-2020

Debt Recovery Policy

Debtor Payment Plan

Rates Declaration as adopted by Council 1 July 2019

If you have any queries regarding the valuation of your property you can get more information by contacting the office of the Valuer General. The office of the Valuer General can be contacted by phone on 1300 653 345 or you can visit their website

(formerly Natural Resource Management Levy)

From 1 July 2020, the new Landscape South Australia Act 2019 will replace the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 as the new framework for managing the state’s land, water, pests (animals and plants) and biodiversity. Regional Landscape Boards will replace Natural Resources Management Boards. Alexandrina Council, will be wholly within the new Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board.

Council will continue to collect the Regional Landscape Levy (formerly ‘NRM levy’) wholly on behalf of the Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board. ‘NRM Levy’ wording on Council’s rates notice will be replaced with ‘Regional Landscape Levy’ for 2020-21 rates notices. During the transition period from 2020-21 to 2023-24, the levy is based on the capital value of land based on the Adelaide or Mount Lofty Ranges or SA Murray-Darling Basin boundaries and is shown as a separate charge on the Rates Notice. After the three year transition period, all properties within Alexandrina Council will be wholly within the Hills and Fleurieu boundary.