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Council Plans

Council Plans

In addition to our suite of Strategic Management Plans and our Annual Business Plan and Budget, Council also develops a range of supporting plans, which further guide Council. These include township plans, issue-specific plans and a large range of other plans. As part of Council's commitment to continuous improvement there is an ongoing effort to ensure the integration of these supporting plans with Council's strategic planning framework.

Business Continuity Plan

Council's Business Continuity Plan has been recently updated by Local Government Risk Services and issued on 19 January 2016.

The purpose of this Plan is to build organisational capabilities to support the continued achievements of critical business objectives in the face of uncertainty or disruption.  Council recognises that this Plan in isolation does not build capability; it provides the approach to establish effective capability.  While the plan is important, it is an outcome of the more important planning and analysis process, and is a blueprint to kick-start the response to a business interruption event. 

This Plan identifies the required facilities, technical infrastructure, key responsibilities, and processes that will be required to position Council to be able to respond and recover from a business interruption event.

Tourism & Visitor Strategy 2017-2022

In 2017, Council established the Tourism & Visitor Strategy 2017-2022. Tourism is a key driver of the Alexandrina economy. Setting strategic direction for tourism industry growth is vital to retaining the current visitor preference for the region, attracting new visitors and increasing spend in the region.

Environmental Action Plan 2014-2018

The Environmental Action Plan 2014-2018 was endorsed by Council on 28 April 2014.

It describes in detail what Council will do over the next four years to bring our community closer to the environmental vision contained in our Community Strategic Plan 2014-2018 , namely to “Thrive in Clean Green Futures”.

The Plan contains an overview of Council’s past achievements and prioritises future actions, with a focus on reducing Council’s footprint, protecting and enhancing environmental assets under Council’s care and control, fostering sustainable development and collaborating with our community.

The Plan is divided into four chapters:

  • Protecting our water resources
  • Enhancing biodiversity
  • Progressively addressing climate change
  • Living local

Progress against the Plan will be publicly reported on an annual basis.  A review of the Plan will be undertaken in 2018 with a further 5-year plan developed for the period 2019-2023.

Click here to download a Summary of the Environmental Action Plan 2014-2018.

Click here to download the complete Environmental Action Plan 2018-2018.

Questions about the Plan can be directed to Council’s Environmental Strategy Officer on (08) 8555 7000 or

View the Plan here.

Roadside Vegetation Management Plan 2016-2021

The Roadside Vegetation Management Plan 2016-2021(13028 kb) was endorsed by Council on 19 September 2016.

The Roadside Vegetation Management Plan 2016-2021 outlines how Council will manage and protect native vegetation on our roadsides whilst ensuring that our road network adequately provides for the safe movement of traffic.

Our district has approximately 747km of sealed roads, 760km of unsealed roads and an additional 1000km of undeveloped road reserves, in which Council is responsible for managing the roadside vegetation along all of these roads.

Our community rightly places a high priority on Council protecting and enhancing biodiversity and to this end, we are committed to ensuring improvements in the extent, condition and connectivity of native vegetation within our region.

This plan will assist Council staff to comply with legislative requirements and to complement our strategic objectives in the areas of enhanced biodiversity and improved transport networks.

This plan:

  • identifies areas of high conservation value vegetation on our roadsides;
  • provides guidelines for undertaking activities on roadsides so as to minimise the impacts on native vegetation;
  • details the consultation and approval processes that must be followed for roadside activities involving the clearance of native vegetation; and
  • identifies and prioritises actions to improve our management of roadside vegetation.

To view the plan please click here

Disability Discrimination Act Access and Inclusion Plan

The Alexandrina Disability Discrimination Act Access and Inclusion Plan 2015-2018 was endorsed by Council on 17 August 2015.

Disability Discrimination Act Access and Inclusion Plan 2015_2018.(820 kb)

Age Friendly Action Plan

Alexandrina Council, with support from the Office for the Ageing, has prepared an Age Friendly Action Plan. The Action Plan will support Council to ensure Alexandrina Council is an even better place for people to grow older.

The plan builds upon Council’s existing strategies that support wellbeing and identifies objectives that are complementary with other concerns, such as public health, to avoid duplication, as well as identifying areas where specific action is needed to support active ageing. The plan will provide Council with an action-oriented document that complements the collaborative regional ageing taskforces.

Alexandrina Age Friendly Action Plan 2017-2020(1246 kb)

Regional Public Health Plan

Under the Public Health Act 2011, councils are required to have an approved regional public health plan.

Alexandrina Council participated in a regional partnership to develop a regional public health plan with Southern and Hills Local Government Association.

View the reports and Plan here.

Integrated Water Management Plan

Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island Integrated Water Management Plan (IWMP)(24370 kb)

Community Land Management Plans

Management Plans are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1999, which prescribes that a Council must prepare and adopt a Management Plan for all Local Government land (except roads) referred to as "community land". Community land is land owned by a Council, and/or land which though not owned by the Council, is under its care, control and management.

Planning Policy and Development Plan Amendments

Council's Development Plan is regularly amended to reflect updated local council and State Government policy, introduce changes to zoning, or to implement a new vision for future development. This is performed through the Development Plan Amendment process.

View the Development Plan, Town Plans, and Open Space and Recreation Strategies here.

Clayton Bay Foreshore Master Plan

The Clayton Bay Foreshore Master Plan was endorsed by Council on 15 June 2015 and will guide Council’s management and maintenance of Clayton Bay’s Foreshore Reserves over the next 10 years.

The Master Plan was developed in partnership with the Clayton Bay community and seeks to balance demands for recreation and nature, beauty and function, heritage and progress to create a foreshore that continues to attract people while protecting and enhancing the natural and cultural landscapes of the area.

The Master Plan includes:

  • a summary of the community engagement and public consultation activities that were undertaken and the community knowledge that was elicited during development of the Master Plan including the identification of key issues and opportunities;
  • a site analysis that considers landscape character as well as existing facilities and connections;
  • six foreshore precinct plans and five priority project concept plans;
  • a description of the environmental values of the foreshore along with woody weed mapping, action planning for ongoing environmental management of the foreshore and species planting lists;
  • a style guide including materials palette and vehicle barrier typologies; and
  • an indicative implementation plan.

Master Plan for Ratalang Basham Beach Conservation Reserve

Located on the coastal strip between Middleton and Port Elliot, Ratalang Basham Beach Conservation Reserve provides a rich and diverse education, environmental and cultural resource for the local community and visitors to the region. Adopted by Council in February 2018, the Master Plan for Ratalang Basham Beach Conservation Reserve will guide Council’s future management and maintenance of the reserve, in collaboration with Ngarrindjeri traditional owners, to protect its key assets whilst catering for increased visitor usage.