Living Local

To help reduce the ecological footprint and increase the positive impact of our organisation and community in the areas of waste, food and culture, Alexandrina Council is taking actions to:

  • sustainably manage our waste
  • promote sustainable food, local food producers and projects
  • green our organisation and lead by example
  • inform and engage our community to ensure our residents can manage their properties, households, business and lifestyles in a more sustainable way
  • care for Aboriginal culture and country.

Some of our past achievements in these areas are:

  • Establishing a bio-solids treatment facilities at the Goolwa Waste Depot to enable waste from septic tanks and sludge from the Goolwa Wastewater Treatment Plant, to be mixed and composted with green organic waste for reuse in agricultural processes.
  • Partnering with the State and Federal Governments to deliver a 4 year Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle (OPAL) Program which supports local children and their families to eat well and be active.


  • Assisting Cittaslow Goolwa to establish the Cittaslow Community Garden on council-owned land
  • Launching the online consultation website "My Say Alexandrina"
  • Celebrating Ngarrindjeri arts & culture via the Just Add Water program including film screenings, exhibitions and interactive events.


Based on these past achievements we will implement new projects and strategies over the next 4 years to deliver a cleaner, greener future to our region.

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Community Engagement

Sustainable Waste Management

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