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Tenders, Contractors and Suppliers

Tenders, Contractors and Suppliers

Alexandrina Council spends a significant amount on goods, works and services and is committed to:

  • applying best practice procurement processes that comply with all legislative requirements
  • being open, honest, transparent, ethical and accountable
  • ensuring that confidentiality of suppliers information is maintained to the extent provided for in applicable legislation
  • ensuring the promotion of fairness and competition
  • obtaining value for money
  • promoting Sustainable Procurement principles.

Council's procurement activities are conducted in accordance with:

Procurement Plan

Council prepares an annual Procurement Plan to inform prospective contractors and suppliers of upcoming works and services required by Council.  Procurement methods and timeframes are indicative only.  Council will update the document quarterly.

To access Council’s procurement opportunities, suppliers must register on SA Tenders website or with Council’s prequalified contractors list on VendorPanel, depending on the value of the procurement.

Depending on the cost of goods or services, Council is required to use different procurement methods to ensure legislative compliance.


All public tenders and expressions of interest for contracts with an estimated value greater than $100,000 are issued through SA Tenders & Contracts

Current tenders can be viewed by using the [SEARCH] tab within SA Tenders & Contracts. To download tender documents you will need to register. Registration is free.

Once registered you will be able to:

  • download and view tender documentation electronically
  • receive email notifications of any new opportunities

Additional Information regarding tenders can be found in Council's Tendering Guide

Select Tender and Quotations (RFQ)

Select Tender or Quotations are generally used for goods and services with an estimated value of less than $100,000 and there are no established contracts or agreements currently in place.

In most cases, Council will request quotations through VendorPanel.

Alexandrina Council uses a platform named ‘VendorPanel’ to simplify the way quotes are sought from Suppliers. VendorPanel is a web based eProcurement system used by hundreds of organisations to increase transparency and compliance in quote-based purchasing from approved suppliers.

Benefits of using VendorPanel:

  • Provides suppliers an easy and consistent way to hear about quote opportunities from Council.
  • Is easy to setup.
  • Provides a consistent RFQ format and process.
  • Simplifies management of Compliance documents
  • Provides Council staff an easy way to send out quotes, increasing the chances of you hearing about opportunities
  • Allows suppliers to manage and access multiple lists from one account.

Quotations accepted by Council are accepted in accordance with Council’s standard conditions of purchase unless otherwise specified.

Pre-qualified Contractors, Consultants & Suppliers

Alexandrina Council has established a number of pre-qualified supplier lists within VendorPanel for regularly procured goods and services. Use of suppliers on these lists provides Council staff security that it is dealing with Suppliers who are accredited and committed to relevant standards, have proven knowledge of Work Health & Safety and are appropriately licensed and insured. To be recognised as pre-qualified contractor, Council’s minimum compliance requirements must be met and maintained.

Current requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Established Work Health and Safety systems that meet Safe Work SA standards
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Public Liability insurance
  • Current trade specific licences and or qualifications
  • Safety management certification – signed acknowledgement of Council’s Contractor Induction Manual

Our current pre-qualified lists are:

  • Arts, Culture & Events
  • Cemeteries
  • Construction Services
  • Consultancy Services
  • Human Resources
  • IT, Graphic Design & Printing
  • Maintenance & Trade Services
  • Parks & Gardens Services
  • Suppliers of Goods
  • Training
  • Vehicles - Plant Servicing & Repairs
  • Vehicles, Small Plant & Equipment Purchasing
  • Wastewater Operations

Contractors, consultants and suppliers can notify Council of their interest in being included on a list and will be sent an invitation to register on VendorPanel. There is no cost to register and set up a business profile. The system allows suppliers to receive notification of opportunities and reminders that insurance and compliance requirements are due to be renewed/updated.

If you would like to be included on one or more of the Councils prequalified lists please email your details, including business name, contact person, email address and which prequalified list/s you are interested in participating in to