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Cemetery and Memorials Information

Cemetery Information
Family History
Community Memorials

Cemetery Information

Alexandrina Council manages eight cemeteries across our district. Locations are: Currency Creek, Port Elliot/Middleton, Hindmarsh Island, Strathalbyn, Mount Compass, Milang, Langhorne Creek and Woodchester. Burial options for loved ones vary. The options of single, double and triple depth burial plots are available depending on which cemetery and Council also provides options for the interment of ashes in most cemeteries by way of Memorial Gardens or Niche Walls.

We can also assist you in arranging the purchase of a cast bronze or granite plaque that can be individually designed and worded to express the passing of a loved one.

For further information, please contact Council's Cemetery Administration staff on (08) 8555 7000.

Are you searching for Family History?

Cemetery Records for Alexandrina Council cemeteries and other cemeteries within South Australia are available online through the Cemeteries Database.
Click here to search the cemeteries database

Alexandrina Libraries has a great collection of resources aimed at helping customers with their local and family history enquiries. Local and Family History Rooms are located at both Goolwa and Strathalbyn Libraries.

Resources Include:

  • Free access to Ancestry Library Edition Genealogy Database
  • Online access to the statewide Cemetery Burial Database
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages Registers via Digger on History Room PC
  • Files on events, places and people in the local area
  • Alexandrina Local History Wiki
  • Biographical Index of South Australians
  • Books on local area including family/local histories
  • Oral Histories

History Room Volunteers are available to assist you with any questions you may have. Volunteers are available:
Goolwa Library Local and Family History Room - Thursday 10am-12pm, 1pm-4pm
Strathalbyn Library Local and Family History Room - Thursday 1pm-4pm.

Community Memorials

Alexandrina Council manages over 250 parks, reserves and other areas of public open space. These areas often hold a special significance for those that live near them, visit them regularly, use them or have involvement in their management or maintenance. This results in Council receiving many requests for the placement of commemorative plaques, seats and memorials in public open space.
Council will consider the balance between the desire to commemorate events or individuals and the ongoing enjoyment of natural, uncluttered open areas before any decision is made. Any existing plaque, seat or memorial cannot be taken as a precedent for any future approvals.

Alexandrina Council provide the following memorial options:

Memorial Bricks

Community memorial bricks are available for both residents and visitors of Alexandrina Council. The bricks provide a unique and lasting memorial inscription for loved ones, with a selection of four picturesque locations on the Alexandrina coastline and countryside.
The locations include:

  • Goolwa (Richard Ballard Reserve)
  • Middleton Esplanade Carpark
  • Strathalbyn Memorial Gardens
  • Port Elliot - Green Bay, access via The Esplanade or pathway over Green Bay (NOTE: This site is full and no vacancies exist)

For more information, please download the Memorial Brick Brochure and Application Form

Memorial Seats

Alexandrina Council does not generally support memorial seats within the district, unless the individual has made a significant contribution to the local area. Applications for the installation of a memorial seat may be submitted to the Council in writing, detailing:

  • the name of the person(s) to be commemorated;
  • the proposed inscription / text to be used on the plaque;
  • the preferred location of the seat
  • a detailed summary of the reasons for commemorating the individual (eg. outlining their service to the community, achievements etc) and the contribution they have made to the Alexandrina Council district.

All requests received will be subject to approval by Council at the next available Council meeting. Successful applicants will be responsible for all costs incurred, including the purchase of the seat, plaque and all ongoing maintenance costs. All plaques will be sourced through Council's plaque supplier and be made of bronze. Council reserves the right to approve or amend the proposed inscription to be used on the plaque and also the location of the memorial and plaque, in consultation with the applicant.

For further information, please refer to the Cemeteries and Memorials Policy or call Council on (08) 8555 7000.

Roadside Memorials

Council acknowledges and understands that families and friends who have lost loved ones due to a tragic event often feel that a roadside memorial or a roadside vigil assists in their mourning and grievance process and can also provide a place of remembrance for families and friends to visit.

Studies have found that roadside memorials can:

  • cause distractions to road users
  • cause distress to members of the public
  • result in visitors stopping at memorials and potentially creating a traffic hazard, especially on points of the road network which have subsequently been identified as an area of increased risk.
  • affect the quality of life for nearby residents and adjoining property owners

Whilst Alexandrina Council does not endorse the installation of roadside memorials, it understands that these types of memorials are often erected on impulse. It is Council's responsibility to provide a safe and efficient road network for all road users, therefore, any temporary roadside memorial found will have a 'notice for removal' placed at the site. If the memorial has not been removed within 60 days Council will remove the memorial and store it for a further period of 30 days, before disposing of the items in accordance with the Unclaimed Goods Act (SA) 1987.

Any roadside memorial placed in a location where there is a risk to road safety will be immediately removed by Council.

As an alternative, Council offers Community Memorial Bricks in scenic locations around our district and we also offer various memorial options within the Council Cemeteries (with or without the need for the interment of human remains).

For further information, please refer to the Cemeteries and Memorials Policy or call Council on (08) 8555 7000.

Cemetery Information:

  • Currency Creek Cemetery
    Where: Located on Mount Compass Road, Currency Creek
    Info: Burial Allotments, memorial gardens
  • Hindmarsh Island Cemetery
    Where:Randell Road, Hindmarsh Island
    Info: Burial Allotments
  • Mount Compass Cemetery
    Where: Arthur Road, Mount Compass
    Info: Burial Allotments, Memorial Gardens, Brick Columbarium Niche Wall
  • Port Elliot/Middleton Cemetery
    Where: Lines Road, Port Elliot
    Info:Burial Allotments, Lawn Section, Brick Columbarium Niche Wall
  • Strathalbyn Cemetery
    Where: Parker Avenue, Strathalbyn
    Info:Burial Allotments, Rose Garden, Brick Columbarium Niche and
    RSL Section
  • Langhorne Creek Cemetery
    Where: Lee Road, Langhorne Creek
    Info: Burial Allotments, Brick Columbarium Niche
  • Milang Cemetery
    Where: Landseer Road, Milang
    Info: Burial Allotments, Brick Columbarium Niche and RSL Section
  • Woodchester Cemetery
    Where:Meechi Road, Woodchester
    Info: Burial Allotments, Niche Wall

Map of Cemeteries in Alexandrina

1. Currency Creek Cemetery
2. Hindmarsh Island Cemetery
3. Mount Compass Cemetery
4. Port Elliot/Middleton Cemetery
5. Strathalbyn Cemetery
6. Langhorne Creek Cemetery
7. Milang Cemetery
8. Woodchester Cemetery